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Insight from Family & Friends


  1. ...The real surprise was Kates' book.I had my children yesterday along with available grandchildren and two great grandchildren yesterday for a gathering. I think there were twenty...
    We were packed in like sardines. Well you can imagine how
    tired I was when they left.

    I picked up Kates'book and could not stop
    reading. Except when I stopped to cry.

    Congratulations to Kate, Mo, the Jurgens Family and you and Jim. It truly is an incredible true story of love.

    I remember the Weekend after Mo's birth with you and the Lake Ladies, and you lost your voice, Margaret. God Bless you and the family, especially Mo,
    Merry Christmas
    Love Pat

  2. Love this book. I’d recommend MO to everyone.
    -Nancy Balistreri, neighbor from Kate’s childhood

  3. Several weeks ago Margaret emailed and told me that on Jan. 22 her daughter Kate would be talking about her new book at the Boswell Book Store on Downer. Her book is titled “Mo A Loeys Dietz Syndrome Memoir” by Kate Jurgens, RN….Well, I thought I had better get there to hear her talk and buy a book because I figured there would be only a handful of people interested in this. Was I wrong! I walked into the place and found at least 200 people, dozens standing, who were there in support of Kate, her daughter Mo and family. …Kate is as down –to- earth as Margaret, very much like her. And she gave the most down -to -earth religiously inspiring presentation -- more inspiring than any homily I have heard in years. She credits her faith for getting through this difficult journey.
    The book is full of references to Margaret and Jim, of course, and to places all over Milwaukee. The book is very well written; I imagine Margaret, Jim and others helped in the process. ….
    -Joanie Lucke, longtime childhood friend of Kate’s mom