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Some Friends From the 2010 LDSF Conference Baltimore, MD

Mo and Tim doing their part for LDS research with Dr. G

Mo and the Man himself.

Mo's brother, Charlie, helped create a one of a kind artwork to raise funds for the LDSF. 

 Some Friends from the 2012 LDSF Conference Baltimore, MD

To The Links for the LDSF
July 2012
Charlie was hard at work again designing a logo to help  the LDSF
Mo and Steve, a couple of the Co-Hosts of the event

Mo and her St. Robert Gang

Friends from Dominican surprising Steve with Party Rock Anthem

Mo and Trey

Thanks to Steve & Christina, Trey and Homer for all of their help with the event
We'd be lost without all of Terri's hard work and support of the LDSF

The Artist

Tim & Megan, master accountants

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